New School Students/Faculty/Staff: Complimentary

New School Students/Faculty/Staff: Complimentary


In My Mind Conference registration reserved for New School Students/Faculty/Staff

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Knowing that many people who will benefit from this conference, whether academics, clinicians, advocates, activists, consumers or students are often unable to afford the usually exorbitant conference registration fees, that the organizers have diligently worked to ensure prices are affordable – students and consumers pay the least. 

Our registration fee structure is divided into two periods, Advance (Early) and Standard (Regular): 

  • Advance (Jun 17 to Jul 31), 

  • Standard (Aug 1 to Oct 11) 

The fee structure is further sub-divided into tiers: 

  • Clinicians and Academicians

  • Clinicians and Academicians requiring Continuing Education Credits (CEs/CEUs)- provided by Callen-Lorde

  • Government (federal, state, city) employees/Agencies

  • Advocates, Activists, Consumers, Seniors

  • Students (with a valid ID - ID will be checked at check-in)

    Complimentary registration for Speakers/Presenters/Sponsors/Tabling Staff/Volunteers and Planning Team

Sometimes, someone would register and not attend.  That person's registration fee would be used to provide a scholarship for someone who wants to participate in the conference, but cannot afford it. Anyone wanting to attend the conference and who cannot afford it is asked to send an email to expressing their need.

NOTE: Cash will NOT be accepted at any registration/check-in table. The conference uses an online facility, PayPal and Square to accept all major credit/debit cards.

With LGBTQ+ peoples of color mental health as the focus of this conference, and given the often prohibitive costs associated with hosting a conference, this conference is intended to be affordable for everyone who wants to attend. We ask you to consider donating to the conference, to assist with costs, including, providing a light breakfast and lunch for the two days, printing conference materials, such as notepads, folders, pens, a conference journal with the schedule, and souvenir/commemorative T-shirts.


Public Transport or by Subway

 Take #4, 5, 6, L, Q, R trains to 14th St/Union Square, walk one block West on 14th St toward Fifth Ave, turn left and walk toward West 13th St, The New School is on the corner of West 13th St and Fifth Ave.

While the conference will officially commence promptly at 9:00 am, check-in and registration begin at 8:00 am. We strongly recommend that you arrive as early as possible to check in and receive your conference registration packet, and to join us for a light breakfast. 


Tabling will be set up (on a reserved basis), exhibitors are not allowed to paste, stick, tack, attach in any form or manner any poster, banner, picture or any item on any walls, doorways, lintels, borders, and are not allowed to plug any electrical appliances, such as phones, into wall outlets/sockets. Sales are NOT permitted in any part of The New School's property/spaces.


All conference attendees are required to wear their conference badge, which will contain the name, preferred pronoun, and conference statuses, such as Attendee, Exhibitor, Presenter, Speaker, Volunteer, or Planning Team Member.


We are working to ensure that the major sections of the conference are video recorded; we will have volunteer photographers who are Official Conference Photographers, and who will have access to all areas of the conference, taking pictures; photographers know their limitations.

Knowing we’re in the digital age of the instant photo, there are two items to consider:

  1. While the conference organizers and the conference space encourage attendees to take photographs, everyone at the conference may not be comfortable or want their photos taken. If a person wishes to take a photograph, and there are others in the picture, please ask those other people for permission to take their photograph or ask them to step out of the way. In the event a person wants to take a photograph of a workshop in a breakout room or a general session in the Community Room, all crowd/group photographs must be taken from the back/behind, where no one’s face is visible, except for the presenter(s) at the front of the room. 

  2. Presenters and Speakers are aware that by accepting to present and or speak at the conference, that they consent to photographs being taken, and which can or will be used for publicity/marketing/promotional purposes.


  • As a conference attendee, YOU ARE NOT A SECURITY OFFICER. DO NOT ASSUME you know what to do. You are encouraged to be aware of your surroundings at all times. In the event of a security issue or threat, quietly and without fuss, alert a member of The New School's SECURITY IMMEDIATELY

  • If someone is being aggressive, behaving in a threatening manner, using offensive language, DO NOT ENGAGE. STEP BACK and notify a volunteer or one of the conference organizers. 

  • DO NOT touch the aggressor 

  • DO NOT shout, raise your voice, or in any way antagonize the person

  • If you see anything that is unsafe or hazardous, inform a volunteer or conference organizer IMMEDIATELY.

  • If you see any inappropriate behavior, inform a volunteer or one of the conference organizers, IMMEDIATELY.

Your Surroundings

We ask you to assist us with keeping the conference space clean. If you see trash on the floor, or there is a liquid spill, please bring it to the attention of a volunteer or conference organizer IMMEDIATELY, who will notify The New School's janitorial services. Please pay attention to your surroundings: if you see anything on the floor pick it up, if you see a spill, if there is a problem in any of the bathrooms, inform a volunteer or a conference organizer, who will notify The New School's janitorial services.

Interaction with other Conference Attendees

If you should encounter, witness or be involved in a disagreement with another conference attendee, to keep the spirit of the conference, you are asked to take the “higher road” and work to de-escalate the situation. In the event your efforts don’t seem to be working, please contact a volunteer or a conference organizer.  

Remember that many in our community may have experienced verbal, emotional or physical assault because of their sexual orientation or gender expression at various times in their lives, and this may have caused many to be extremely angry, defensive or combative. Trauma for many may have occurred in schools, from family, at work, on city streets, from their governments, and from the LGBTQ+ community. This conference should be viewed as a SAFE place where a person does not need to worry about discrimination (or even verbal or physical assault) from anyone: conference organizers, speakers, presenters, volunteers or participants.