We believe in the healing, advocacy, and mental health support for LGBTQ+ peoples of color.


The In My Mind conference is dedicated to gathering different voices, thoughts and experiences to converse in a safe space on how LGBTQ+ peoples of color overcome barriers in their lives, within the mental health spheres, and create opportunities for themselves and others.

The In My Mind conference provides a rare opportunity for our communities to come together and share critical information, research, and strategies, and to listen and learn from each other in an environment nurturing transformation and encouraging collective action.

This year, we celebrate resilience: the collective strengths and wisdom of clinicians, consumers, academics and advocates who continue to confront issues impacting their ability to heal.

Both conference days begin with dynamic and diverse presentations to establish common themes and are followed by small group workshops and panel discussions led by leaders in the LGBTQ+ peoples of color communities, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

While this unique conference breaks down taboos, chips away at stigma, and brings discussions surrounding mental health impacting LGBTQ+ peoples of color out from the shadows into the light of healing, it gathers sponsors and supporters, who believe that the mental health of their staff and clients, either singly or collectively, need to be addressed.



Antoine B. Craigwell President & CEO DBGM, Inc.

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